I love Oprah!


Mama Oprah
Mama Oprah



And I don’t care who knows it. I love the woman and her empire, including her show (and sometimes her magazines – good luck O at Home!). Today’s episode is just further solidifying the love. It’s all about what is considered beautiful in different parts of the world, and what women do to attain and maintain beauty.

Women in Japan put nightingale poo on their faces and drink collagen. Why does it seem that anything Asian women do in the name of beauty makes perfect sense?

France? Forget it. They’ll never truly reveal their secrets. But you know what? It’s probably because they don’t have any. They’re full of merde.

I think women from Oman have the ticket – covering themselves head to toe and opting to focus on natural beauty rather than chemicals (a girl can dream, right?). At least in that country women don’t have to worry about sluts distracting their men (what? I’m being honest).

Brazil sounds like the world capital of low self-esteem. Wonder what the root of that is. I mean consider all of the plastic surgery that goes on there. Gross. Surprisingly Iran has a large plastic surgery industry too, with woman going as far as wearing bandages over their noses, even if they didn’t have a nose job, just so that other people think they have undergone a procedure.

(Feminist rant alert!)

Maybe this is what happens when women aren’t afforded a life more focused on intellectual accomplishment and less steeped in physical demands. I wonder what those female minds, unnecessarily toiling over physicalities, could create if they weren’t made to feel inadequate.

It can be easy to blame men, even though us women can be our own worst enemies. I think that if more men spoke up about women not having to be rails with perfect features (ahem, Barbie), to be attractive, some women might change their ways. Not all, but some. 

Maybe if there were a land without men the women there wouldn’t put themselves through half of the shit that they do. They (well those females wanting a male companion) wouldn’t have a reason to compete, and play mind games to sidetrack each other. 

What’s worse is how women torture each other, literally and figuratively. Here in the Western world it’s not uncommon for girls to tease anyone who doesn’t fit the ideal, or even the norm, often resulting in eating disorders. It boggles this Western mind then, to hear on Oprah, that in Mauritania, Africa, young girls are force fed so that they gain weight, and become more attractive. Even if the young girls vomit from being so full, they are forced to get more food down. Now Oprah acted like Mauritania was heaven, because bigger women are considered more beautiful, but I’m not so sure. Not if force-feeding is involved. I hate to think of anyone in the world consuming more than the amount they need to live, when there are so many starving people that could not fathom overeating. 

Phew. How many issues have I just touched upon? Almost makes me miss my old women’s studies class. Almost.


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