Thoughts on the 51st Grammys

All right kids, just as I thought I was done blogging for the day, I have to comment on the Grammys. As they usually disappoint, I was expecting tonight’s show to be a wash. However, now that it’s into… what, it’s 8th hour?, Radiohead has saved it. Thom Yorke is f*in brilliant, and I would love to know what he thought about kiss-ass Gwennie’s intro. And the kids providing the backing music! I’ve never been more jealous of a 15-year-old drummer in my life. 

Other notes so far:

a. happy to see Adele win. That’s one point for us misfit girls.

b. Is M.I.A. out of her damn mind? I read that she felt certain that she would not deliver her baby today, on its due date, but DAAAAMN is she pregnant. I must say though, her part in that overblown hip hop collab was far too small. And if the Grammy’s can show love to her, where the hell is Santogold? I like her far better! At least she doesn’t come off as an ass in interviews.

c. McCartney needs to just stop already. 

d. I like Kanye’s new hair style. It’s verging on mullet.

e. Justin Timberlake (hehe first I typed TimberKALE, i like that better) is like a plague. He is not that important people. Maybe if we ignore him he’ll go away. Back to that ‘general store’ in Memphis. 

f. Who knew Boys II Men even released anything last year, let alone a Motown hits cover album!

g. Lest I almost forget, Coldplay. Glad to see that they haven’t won in every category  (so glad to see sleeper hit by Robert Plant and Allison Krauss take best album over Martin and co.) . Rarely does an act deserve an entire sweep. Sure they come up with some catchy stuff, but it’s nothing monumental. I’m awfully tired of the hype surrounding them, in case you couldn’t tell, and not just because I think they totally stole thunder from my favorite band Travis. Yeah. Travis. I could take some potshots here and go on about how having Hollywood connections probably hasn’t hurt Coldplay, but I won’t. Instead I’ll refer to remarks made by Chris Martin himself, on news program 60 Minutes this very night, just before the awards show, in which he himself said that there are far more talented acts out there, and that he and his bandmates are just doing the best that they can (I’m paraphrasing of course). Maybe the modest, ‘average guy’ schtick is what has made them so popular, but I don’t buy it. They’re not pulling the wool over these eyes. Or shall I say ears?

h. Why with the Neil Diamond?

i. Poor type selection for the tribute montage of all those lost this year. 

j. John Mayer needs to join McCartney on his sabbatical.

k. Blink 182. Really? You guys spent all of your money already?

l. Thicke. hehe. Remember when he had long hair? Anyone? I wonder what he thinks about TimberKale, given how awfully similar they are.

m. Maybe I’m a crotchety old lady, but I wish Lil’ Wayne would pull up his pants. Come on now.

Why do I watch these fakakta shows?

Off to try and not have nightmares about bureaucracy…


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