Lisa Congdon


Thank you Lisa Congdon. I just stumbled across your amazing work thanks to My Love for You is a Stampede of Horses. As I was perusing your website, I read your ‘about me’ page, which absolutely sealed my admiration. The idea that you did not really get into art until you were 33 and then were able to turn it into your livelihood is, for me, perhaps the most inspiring aspect about you.

I often wish that I had a work space where I could properly devote my energies to creating art, but then I tell myself that space should not be such an overwhelming and inhibiting factor. I go back and forth on this, but really I do my best work when I have my own space designated for all of the things I accumulate and want to transform. Carrying around a notebook for sketching just doesn’t cut it for me.

All things considered, I often feel like I am wasting time not creating, but seeing what you have created, in that period of your life, and now, has given me a little boost of hope. Kind of like when I saw an little elderly woman wearing bright teal sweatpants in the grocery store yesterday. Although, maybe she couldn’t see how bright they were. Anyways I really liked them.



via My Love for You is a Stampede of Horses


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