“I can’t get the thumbtack in the wall.”

I have a bit of a sore throat, and it’s a rainy, cold day, so what could be better than watching the documentary of a mentally ill mother and daughter holed up in their Hamptons mansion? Yep, Grey Gardens. Hard to believe I haven’t seen it before today. If I had lived on their block I totally would have hung out with them. Though I probably would have annoyed them, unable to prevent myself from cleaning. The filth and squalor does repulse me. I can’t imagine having those animals, and all of that junk strewn about.

This film is a great example of why I like old people, and sometimes the crazies. You never know what they are going to say, or do. 


Favorite scenes – When Jerry is invited to eat corn in the bedroom. 

When Big Edie tells Jerry he looks like her mother, as he lounges on the twin bed next to her.

The raccoon with a piece of Wonderbread in his mouth.

and of course:

Favorite quotes:

“You sure do bring out the worst in your mother,” Big Edie to Little Edie, of course.

 “He dudn’t (ed. note, yes dudn’t) want sex with you,” the mother straight up, point blank telling Little Edie like it is.

‘If you can’t get a man to propose to you, you might as well be dead!’

“Why, are you absolutely crazy? There isn’t anything I can’t dance.” Little Edie of course.

“You see she knows she sings so badly, she has to wiggle about 20 times to every note to distract the people.” Mother about daughter.

“I can’t get the thumbtack in the wall. I have the saddest life.” Did Little Edie even realize the depth of what she was saying?


I like the outside of the house, not the overgrown foliage, but the actual siding. So very Hamptons, not that I’ve been, but it also reminds me of Cape Cod.

I may need to find a biography of Little Edie. So focused on her appearance, putting on her lipstick, her headscarves, starving herself, and for what? I’d love to know more about her path to insanity. And why she went bald.

I couldn’t help but wonder what has since become of the house, and luckily others must have too!


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