Oscar Pre-Game with Baba Wawa

I don’t know why I am drawn to these yearly award shows and specials such as Barbara Walter’s interviews. I also can’t imagine why anyone would care what I have to say about them, but nonetheless feel the need to share my thoughts, so here goes!

The Jonas Brothers. I may not know all that much about these kids, but I fear they are growing on me. If I were a teen I’d probably be a closet fanatic (I was too cool for pop stars when I was a teen). I mean have you heard Love Bug (the end is my favorite, when they ‘break it down’… i need help!)?

I used to think that Joe (right) was the hot ticket, but since I heard he broke up with Taylor Swift via a phone call (oh hell no) I favor Nick, the baby (middle). He’s just so darn cute! And who knew he is the true musical prodigy of the family (learning from Barbara here). Kevin (left) never really stood a chance; I’m sorry but the 21-year-old is a bit too elvish for my tastes (and I get a real light-in-the-loafers vibe from him, not that there’s anything wrong with that). 

It’s also endearing that these kids claim to be saving themselves for marriage. I’d like to believe it, and hope that they don’t get destroyed by showbiz. I guess if they can survive Miley Cyrus they’re off to a good start (shudder). 

On to little Miss Anne Hathaway.

Why is she even nominated for an Oscar? Look, I’m sorry, but I saw (and reviewed) Rachel Getting Married and I just don’t get it. Anyone could have filled that role. She just acted like a spoiled, self-obsessed brat. A dime a dozen. And I can’t really pity her for her personal woe with extremely wealthy Italian men. Boo-friggin-hoo.

I will say one thing about her, she has a beautiful complexion. And at least she’s a brunette (like me, heh).

I hope Anne is being honest about avoiding drugs. If so, why can’t people like her be bolder role models? Speak up!

I have no idea where to begin with Mickey Rourke.

I saw him near the NY Public Library late at night once a few years ago, walking a dog. I wish I had paid more attention to see which dog it was, since, as we recently learned at the Golden Globes, his dogs mean the world to him. I also wish I had had the chutzpah to say hello and maybe get a picture. Stupid me! But I think the combination of shock and fear prevented me. The man is startling-looking. But now, since he is getting all sorts of great PR following The Wrestler, being called a sweetheart and a gentle giant by the likes of Babs, I bet he would’ve been nice if I said hello. (But maybe too nice, he does seem a bit sleazy.)

Too much judging, I know. But these are celebs, isn’t it expected?

I do like Rourke’s clear specs; a lot like my Ray Bans! But with all the money he has, wouldn’t you think he’d wash his hair?

It’s really sweet how he talks about his dogs though, and how one, he believes, saved his life. I believe it’s possible, and that dogs can be very intuitive and make great friends, not that I’ve ever had one of my own (yet).

Mickey’s own words:

“Anger and hardness is a shield; it masks other things.”

“You can’t eat it, you can’t f*** it, and it can’t get you into heaven.” (about the Oscar itself)

This guy needs to write an auto-bio, but he probably can’t remember most of his life, thanks to drug abuse and that boxing career. I like how he carries himself, actually. It seems like self examination is working for him. He at least tells it like it is, which is a quality I love most in people. No bullshit.

Hugh Jackman. 

He bores me. Sorry. It’s cool that he’s a well-rounded star, being able to sing, dance and supposedly act (I can’t think of a single film of his that I’ve seen). We’ll see how he does as host of the Oscars.

Oh my god. He gave Barbara a lap dance. That is quality television. Good for her, the old girl.

And finally, I wish someone would give Babs a new ‘do. Her bangs are all-consuming, much like mine were for many of my formative years.


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