I Married Adventure


I found this book, with this very same jacket, in my college library a few years ago. I think it was right before graduation, and being as busy a girl as I was, I somehow never finished it. I loved it so much, I figured I would buy my own copy anyway. Sadly, I was not ever able to find one in a bookstore. 

Tonight I was reminded of this fantastic book as I was sifting through old entries on Decorno. Needless to say that prompted a quick internet search, both for purchasing my own copy and to see if any local libraries have copies. Unfortunately, it looks like it hasn’t been in print for a while, and used editions aren’t exactly cheap. Sort of makes me wonder how popular this work must be. Fortunately I think I can order a copy to borrow from the library. I’d really love my own copy, to own, and particularly with that zebra print cover. I’ll never forget the bit about Osa and her husband voyaging to an island of cannibals. Sigh.

I’m going to investigate the status of the library at my old, now defunct school. It would be amazing if they’d be willing to sell me their copy. Doubtful, but I can try. (Listen to me acting as if I have money to blow on a vintage book.)


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