Color coded clothes


She dyes her own overalls!
She dyes her own overalls!



I came across this piece in New York magazine when it originally hit the press and it seems to follow me around. I’ve seen references to the same piece many more times, and again tonight, via Jordan Ferney’s Oh Happy Day!.

I find an individual’s dedication to wearing one color fascinating. The quirky older woman is my favorite, but I can’t deny Stephen Merritt.


The man in brown.
The man in brown.


I actually met him once before I knew who he was. I was interning at a small magazine called The Deli in the city, which shares space with Motherwest Recording Studio. Merritt had to walk past me in the tiny space and we exchanged hellos. He seemed rather awkward, hiding beneath a baseball hat. Looked like any other nebbish fellow you’d find on a New York street, and not the epitome of health, as he is aware:

“So why didn’t you start wearing black?
Unfortunately, black at this point tends to make you look like a French tourist in Soho. It also makes me look ill. I look ill enough; I really don’t need to call attention to that.”

If I didn’t love color and variety so much, I might be tempted to devote my wardrobe to one color.


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