Style Icon: Elaine Benes

I’m a rather devout Seinfeld fan (at least now that it’s in syndication). There’s nothing like getting home in time for two back-to-back episodes courtesy of TBS to complete my day. And if I’m lucky, a few more later in the night (well maybe lucky isn’t the right word, because odds are if I’m up that late it’s because I can’t sleep).

Just why do I love this show so much? Well of course it’s funny, it’s brimming with topics everyone can relate to, and it’s characters are priceless – particularly Elaine.


A snappy suit.
A snappy suit.


Not only is she hilarious, but there’s an old world charm about her character, and I love how she is into animal rights and the environment (at least early on anyway). The best is when she dances or freaks out and yells at someone, like when George gets a toupee and she throws it out Jerry’s window. No matter what she does, she looks cool doing it. 


Just pop the top!
Just pop the top!

Unfortunately there aren’t too many pictures of Elaine floating through cyberspace, and I’m not clever enough or equipped to get screen captures. It’s really too bad because in tonight’s repeat, in which the gang gets lost in a parking garage, Elaine had on a particularly cute purple blazer/pink sweater combo. Oh well!


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