Shameful Waste

Last week the town offered heavy trash pick-up as it does at several points throughout the year. All my life, whenever the time creeps around, I have been disgusted and astounded with how much stuff people haul to their curbs, seemingly without any regard for what will become of it. I understand that people are busy, and especially stressed and frazzled these days, but come on. There is no need for mounds of trash like these:



Ready for the landfill.
Ready for the landfill.



These photos, that I took, were all within a couple of blocks. I shudder to think of how small a microcosm this must be of the waste epidemic in our country. Of course there would not be nearly as many unwanted things if people were smarter shoppers, and put more thought into their purchases, instead of blindly shelling out their hard earned cash. Deciphering methods of reusing materials that at first glance may seem like trash, is not only a test of one’s creativity and resourcefulness, but it can also save a lot of money. So stop being lazy and ignorant. You’re hurting your bottom line and the planet and it’s just not worth the convenience of having the heavy load at your curb magically hauled away for you.


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