Yeah Yeah Yeah!

I am more excited for this weekend’s Saturday Night Live than I can remember ever being for an episode! I haven’t been keeping up with the show’s roster, because it’s been sucking so hard, and the mid-week commercial seriously took me by surprise. I love Karen O! Ever since I randomly picked up Master in high school, I’ve been fascinated. I’m particularly impressed with how genuine she seems to be (seems, who knows, right?), often grinning like she’s really enjoying the experience, and actually has a sense of humor.


Theres that grin!
There's that grin!



Plus it will be interesting to see what the cast does with disneybot Zac Efron.

PS. As a bit of a fangirl, I have to divulge that I once spotted drummer Brian Chase in Grand Central Station in NYC, looking a bit lost as he disembarked from a train. AND I once waved to Nick Zinner, as I stood near the stage at Irving Plaza, and he totally waved back from up in the VIP section of the balcony at some other band’s show (I forget who).


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