Urban Spectacles


A new goal of mine is to wean myself off of contact lenses. Sure they are convenient, but when I think of all of the solution that ends up down the drain, and the energy and materials used to make the actual contacts, I shudder.

This of course has had me thinking of eyewear. I love my clear Raybans, but I’ve really got my heart (eyes?) set on several beauties by Urban Spectacles!

Handmade by Scott Urban of Chicago, they can be ordered right on the website, where you can also read the philosophy of the brand. Here’s a snippet:

“The uniqueness of hand made specs goes without saying. Whereas eyewear mass produced by means of machines and computers results in the exact same pair of frames every time, two human hands, even if they wanted to, would not be able to make exact duplicates of anything. This is very true of the spectacles I create. Every pair stands alone as an absolute original, born from my hands, to live on the bridge of your nose.”

There are many, many pairs to choose from, and I am sure Scott is willing to create anything one’s mind can conjure. Here are my favorites (click any image for larger version):

Divine Strainer, made of desert ironwood with turquoise accents:


The Uke comes in as a close second:


but then there’s the Estate:



The Rousel really floats my boat, probably because it reminds me of specs my dad wore in the 70s/80s (according to photos I have seen):


For those interested in wearing their vinyl, this number pictured was made from a Pink Floyd album:


They even make beer goggles! (I’d prefer ginoggles, but you know, those haven’t hit mainstream yet.)



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