Oprah how could you!?

Firstly let me state, yes I tend to watch Oprah. No, I am not ashamed (generally). However today, when she exclaimed that a coupon for a free KFC ‘meal’ would be available on her website, I was really unpleasantly surprised.

Really Oprah? The same Oprah that looked into the atrocities of the beef industry? You’re hawking chicken from a notoriously cruel fast food chain?! At the end of the show studio elves even distributed a bucket to each audience member. Seriously. Entire buckets. People cheered, and Gayle dove right in, as the camera purposely caught.

I’m quite disappointed, especially after all that Oprah does to educate people about food,  health and waste (fast food is a huge culprit of waste – think of all of the containers and wrappers).

KFC is bad news (not that other ‘producers’ or merchants of chicken or other meat/poultry are innocent – think before you buy, and chew.)


One thought on “Oprah how could you!?

  1. I happened to eat a KFC in Glasgow while waiting for immigration to sort out some ‘unpleasantness’ at Heathrow. At that point I was optimistic. I won’t be back.

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