Farm Hand

Today I volunteered at a local organic farm that only recently appeared on my radar, even though it has apparently existed and been open to the public for 8 years (in my defense, I have been happily out of the area for 5 years).

It was really satisfying working directly with organic materials straight from the Earth – clipping fresh herbs, in the rain, and in a greenhouse, and otherwise preparing produce for sale. 

Everything smelled and looked great, making me really eager to get in the kitchen with fresh, local ingredients.

There were some disheartening aspects though. The amount of plastic bags wasted was astounding. I understand that they are useful, and perhaps vital in retaining freshness of produce, but it pained me to watch the first-round bags pile up in the trash bin as we re-bagged everything. 

I’m new to the scene, and I don’t want to step on any toes, but there has got to be a better way.

I’ve got some research to do.

On a lighter note, the farm has lots and lots of BUNNIES! A variety of colors and sizes, all eager to nibble greens from my hands! I could feed them all day. Pictures hopefully forthcoming!


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