Stay in the UK, Chung!

Is anyone else annoyed that Alexa Chung has wormed her way into American MTV?


May as well be a picture of Chung.
May as well be a picture of Chung.


The last thing the female youth of America needs is to see this British chicken bone parading around telling us what is cool. 

I had the distinct pleasure of seeing her on T4 (Vanity Lair was the worst) while in Scotland, and she was beyond obnoxious. Literally it is quite apparent that the only reason she gets TV hosting gigs is because of her look. She even tainted Gok’s Fashion Fix (yes, I like Gok… especially when he sympathizes with women, or talks about how he was a chubby kid) with segments in which she got to play ‘reporter’. 

I don’t watch MTV, hell I don’t even have cable (and I’m not missing anything), but I still must protest, if for the mental health of my fellow citizens. Turn around Chung, we don’t need your accent, your consciously disheveled ‘look’ or input on modern culture. Do what you do best – standing around in clothing – with your gob shut.

Further evidence that she is the worst. Blah Blah Blah, my office in Times Square, tee hee, experiencing New York, but not losing my husky British accent, heavens no!

She should be so lucky as to adopt an American accent. 

*Note* I am severely biased to start because in all of my experiences English women have been thoroughly horrible (please, change my mind, I implore you). Add the lankiness of this individual and her rock ‘n’ roll boyfriend (not that Alex Turner is any kind of prize – I saw the wee man on the street in London with my own two eyes), and it’s a wonder my head doesn’t explode.


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