I’ve been gradually sifting though my bookmarks of cool blogs, and just the other day I finally got into Smosch. This wonderful blog, written by Sandra from Gothenburg, Sweden, has permeated my brain. Her endless supply of inspirational photographs at once fulfills me and makes me feel like there is a huge void in my life that only traveling could satiate. 


The best thing about her blog, has got to be how she shows her appreciation for fika – basically the Swedish term for enjoying coffee with friends. I too love nothing more than nursing a cup of coffee with the right company, and now I finally have an appropriate term for it!

Actually, scratch that; the best thing about Sandra’s blog is her ability to convey the beauty she finds in the ordinary. To me, she could probably photograph anything in Gothenburg, and I would drool. I wish I could be so inspired to capture overlooked beauty around me. First I’ll need to get my camera repaired…

Add Smosch to your Google Reader!


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