Monkeys laugh too!



How amazing would it be to tickle apes and chimps and call it work?

Well that’s just what a team of researchers have done with primatologist and psychologist Marina Davila Ross of the U.K.’s University of Portsmouth. 

According to this National Geographic article the findings of their work suggest that humans “inherited our own ability to laugh from the last common ancestor from which humans and great apes evolved, which lived 10 to 16 million years ago.”

The online article has the different recorded laughs of a Bonobo, a chimp, a gorilla, and for comparison, a human baby. While it may not strike our ears as sounding quite like what we know as laughter, when you watch the video, you can’t deny that the monkeys are amused with being tickled. (Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like good ol’ National Geo doesn’t like to share, so you’ll just have to follow the link for the video if you’re interested – which you should be!)

Via BoingBoing


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