Inside the Obama White House with Brian Williams


On their way to Five Guys Burgers
President Obama: "Get me away from this guy!"


I could watch this every night. I’m not quite sure what it is that I find so compelling. Of course, there are the bits in which NBC’s Brian Williams is sitting, one-on-one with President Obama, asking questions. There is a much more relaxed atmosphere in this interview – it’s somehow friendlier. I love seeing how the President interacts with his ‘colleagues’ in the office during a ‘normal’ day.

There were several unexpected bits of trivia that were dispensed. The official candy of the White House, you ask? M&Ms, packaged in special insignia bearing boxes, no less. And did you know that the President doesn’t really work in the Oval Office? He is much more comfortable in a small, far less grandiose office just next door. I could go on and on.

Even the segments without the President are interesting, seeing staff scurry around, tackling enormous tasks, with seemingly great attitudes. And many of them seemed so young (what am I doing with my life?!).  I’m sure they were more than aware of the huge NBC crew and their cameras, but I like to think that they weren’t totally feigning their positivity. I can’t help but wonder how this current staff and their vibe compares to that of the previous administration. 

From the interviews with all of the key figures, to the highlighting of the nuts and bolts staffers, like the Receptionist of the President, even to the editing and the music used in this special, it was brilliantly done. Fresh, modern, frenetic music was a bold choice, but such a smart one that really gives a sense of the energy apparent within the Obama White House.

Oh yeah, one complaint. They could’ve given Rahm (Rahmbo) Emanuel a little more air time. That is one fine lookin’ Chief of Staff!


Im sick, I know.
I'm sick, I know.





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