Which sneaker brandname means ‘healthy soul in a healthy body’?*

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If you’re anything like me – a word nerd – you’ll appreciate this piece by Mental Floss, providing background history to some of the most popular footwear brands in athletic and popular fashion history!

I have a newfound interest and respect for Reebok, knowing that the name is of African origin, ‘rhebok’ being the Afrikaans spelling for a type of fast antelope. Plus when I was Googling the Reebok logo, I totally came across a retro version that struck a chord in my brain. I’m pretty sure I had pink and white Reeboks at one point during my childhood.

The list of nine brands includes the Japanese Asics*, the heavyhitters Nike, Adidas and Reebok, and a few lesser-knowns too, like Brooks.

I did already know that companies like Keds and PF Flyers started thanks to rubber companies mostly interested in outfitting basketball players, thanks to my obsession with ProKeds a few years ago. Still one of my favorite shoes of all time.

I can’t quite say that I am a proponent of purchasing any products from these brands these days, since most of them are made overseas in unpleasant conditions, not to mention the amount of toxic dyes and glues that are probably involved. By the way, Converse Chuck Taylor’s are owned by Nike; so much for fighting the ‘man’, disenchanted youth!


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