Politicians – Why must deceit inevitably leach into their personal lives? or Why are so many politicians such bastards?

That casual look that makes him so appealing to South American women.
That casual look that makes him so appealing to South American women.

I have only been mildly aware of the recent news of oddball South Carolina governor Mark Sanford, and his mysterious travels. However upon listening to NPR while driving today, the news of his infidelity struck me. It’s not that I have any personal tie to the state, the politician in general, or even any experience with infidelity. What really gets me, nay, SICKENS me, is how frequent these instances of cheating men in powerful public positions have become.

What is wrong with these guys (Spitzer, Edwards, Clinton, etc.)? Is it a classic power-trip syndrome? Put a suit and a tie on a fellow and watch him denigrate into a moral-less, corrupt specimen, intent on finding every possible loophole not only in his professional life, but even in his personal life? Do people in such powerful roles not have enough?!

I also heard a response from his wife, Jenny, when recently questioned about the governor’s odd ‘hiking trip’ in the mountains. All she stated was that she was aware of his trip, but focused on raising their children. It seemed like a rather sharp comment, suggesting that she is doing her job, unlike Sanford, who is perhaps abandoning his family for instant pleasure.

From NPR:

The bottom line is I’ve been unfaithful to my wife. I developed a relationship with a dear, dear friend in Argentina,” said Sanford, a second-term Republican governor, former congressman and rumored 2012 presidential candidate. “It started as I guess many of these things do, a casual e-mail back and forth. Here recently over the last year, it developed as something much more than that.”

This guy actually had the nerve to start crying during his press conference. Save your tears you miserable excuse for a man. Maybe they’ll come in handy the day you realize how you let your children down, and disappointed them as a role model. Maybe you should save those tears for the day you wrap your mind around what it means to be married, and what you so carelessly did with your bond to another person.

Wasps at play. Hopefully these poor boys dont take after their dear old dad.
With the children - Marshall, Landon, Bolton, and Blake. Seriously. Those are their little wasp names.

While I’m on the subject of reprehensible ‘adults’, I can’t help but link this phenomena to the recent news-mongers of reality TV, the Gosselins. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the couple, so why shouldn’t I offer my two cents. While I can admit that perhaps Kate, the mother of 8 and wife of Jon, can be overbearing, bossy, even mean, I can see the reasons behind that. She’s got 8 kids! Earlier on I’m sure most of her frustration and grief came from all of the work so many kids entail, and now she probably can afford more help, and the kids are older and a bit more independent. Indeed, more recently there is less excuse for any diva behavior from Kate (diva behavior equating to image priorities, any bonding with body guards or personal trainers, and of course denying water to a child or spanking – though I don’t allow any excuse for spanking, personally).

One big happy.
One big happy.

I agree that it’s definitely possible that Kate is a villainess, to some degree in this circus, possibly money hungry, neglectful of her kids, etc. BUT, Jon cannot be let off the hook. He cannot be pitied for being the innocent young guy who got married too fast, wasn’t ready for a brood of children or the responsibilities and stresses of such a life. I don’t think he deserves to scamper off, as he evidently has been doing so often, apparently catching up on his lost youth. I don’t care how old you are now, how old you are when you got married or had kids. The bottom line is, you have 8 kids. Act like a man, and focus on your kids. Galavanting with women (and much younger ones at that), relishing in your newfound freedom, revamping your wardrobe… all of the immature behavior, will manifest itself in your children in some way.

These poor kids in question are going to be messed up as it is, given that they have been filmed for most of their lives. It really just sickens me that just any idiot can have a child. I can’t wait to see what becomes of these kids, and sincerely hope that  downward spirals don’t ensue.

Lastly, I cannot fathom the quality of woman that would actually consider having any sort of relationship with the type of man who would not only cheat on his wife, but the mother of his children – or even set off on a trip without his children knowing where he is. These floozies need to be shamed too.


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