Rethinking the shipping container

Apparently shipping containers are an overabundant and often wasted resource (many are even lost at sea). I’ve seen many instances in which people have been refashioning them into homes, shops, art, half pipes for skating, and now pools!

dumpster pool

Apparently the mastermind behind these homemade pools is Jocko Weyland, a skater and author of The Answer is Never: A Skateboarder’s History of the World,” He works as the Project Director with MacroSea, a group rather shrouded in mystery, also working on radically changing the American strip mall. A large part of their intent is to “show people that with not too much expense you can creatively reuse what is basically considered urban detritus and make something really cool and fun and also fairly easy to put together.”

ReadyMade’s blog has a great article about this trend.

Via BoingBoing


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