Bayside’s Finest Diss Jimmy Fallon

Poor Jimmy Fallon. Sadly it seems not enough people ‘get’ his brand of humor. I myself find him to be quite endearing, especially when he breaks into giggles. I don’t catch his show often, only just starting to occasionally watch it on Hulu, but from what I’ve seen I like it. It may not be as polished (or do I mean plastic?) as other late-night fodder, but it’s down-to-earth and while still formulaic, a lot more inventive. (I’m thinking about ‘Let us play with your look’ in particular. Who on Earth came up with that?!?!)

Jimmy could use all the support he can get at this critical point in the infancy of his show. But what does he get? Crapped on by 80s kid stars. Who do these people think they are? While the washed-up stars of lates 80s classic Saved By The Bell, might’ve had a modicum of success in their youth, they’re desperately scrounging for work now, and should be glad and grateful that Jimmy wanted to give them the spotlight for a reunion at all. But no, they held out for some reason, waiting to get a ‘better’ offer, that People magazine was apparently able to provide them.

Oh they look so smug!
Oh they look so smug!

Maybe the new late night show couldn’t afford these little primadonnas. They’re all delusional if they think they’re too important for Jimmy!


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