Greensburg, Kansas

Natural disasters destroy communities everyday. What is far less common, is for a group of citizens from one such community to decide to rebuild everything sustainably.

That’s why I was so surprised and inspired to hear about Greensburg, Kansas. From their official website:

‘At 9:45 pm on May 4th, 2007 an EF5 tornado leveled the rural town of Greensburg, Kansas. Just days after the storm, the community came together and decided to rebuild sustainably, striving to become a model green town for the future. Ever since this landmark commitment was made, Greensburg GreenTown — a grassroots community-based organization — has worked side-by-side with city and county officials, business owners and local residents to incorporate sustainable principles into their rebuilding process.’

Not only is this amazing group of forward-thinking people concerned about their local area, but they wish to serve as an example for communities the entire world over. The entire plan, including a mission statement and a vision are outlined on their website, and there are frequent updates on the progress of the building efforts.

Watch a documentary about the town here.

It almost makes me wish a tornado would wipe out every town…


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