It’s About Time!

Like you knew where it was...
Like you knew where it was...

When I lived in the UK, I was astounded by the numerous groups of asinine men and women out on the town for stag and hen parties. I don’t care what you’re celebrating, there are classier ways people! I don’t see the need for dressing like blind whores or buffoons – parading around for attention and chasing after a good time – especially for older people on the brink of marriage, or those already married but still eager to find an excuse to chase tail.

So you could imagine my delight in reading the news of how Latvia is taking a stand against such shenanigans. The country is primarily annoyed with how drunken Brits brazenly pee on their war memorials.

I’m glad that finally, someone is speaking out about how terrible and vulgar Brits can be, especially when the Brits love to puff up their chests and march around as if they are so superior (I’m looking at you England).

The mayor of Latvia, Nils Usakovs,  in an interview with a Latvian magazine, said that “some British visitors were guilty of misbehaving: ‘Let’s not be politically correct – unfortunately, this is their speciality.’ “

Also from the BBC article:

“Last year the country’s then interior minister, Mareks Seglins, complained about “English pigs” and said they were a “dirty, hoggish people” after a British tourist was sentenced to five days in prison after being caught urinating on the war memorial.”

Should anyone be surprised? I mean, haven’t the English been metaphorically peeing on other countries for decades?

BBC via BoingBoing


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