Walmart and Target Marketing to Single Moms?

This commercial for the famous big box chain, and another similar one from Target (sorry, couldn’t find a video online) have both recently struck me for the same reason. In the clip above, you see a mother helping her daughter move in to her new dorm room. Just the mom. Similarly, in the Target ad, a mother gets her son ready to move in to his dorm, sans father or any other parent or relative for that matter.

What’s the deal?

Are these stores angling for single mom dollars? Are they assuming that this is just a job for moms, and dad is too busy working, providing for junior’s education?

Something is fishy here.

When I moved in to college, although my dad did not make the trip (two factors – terminal illness and the choice not to be near my mother – they’re divorced), several other relatives came along with my mom (trust me, I had no say in the matter, I would have preferred a much more subdued affair).

I find it highly unlikely that many college students will be moving in just with the help of their mom. It’s 2009, can’t these companies throw a couple of more likely scenarios in their advertising? At least a younger sibling?

**UPDATE** Jezebel acknowledged the tip I sent in about this earlier and wrote a post about it!! Yes!!


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