Soda is NOT Food

I’ve seen this outrageous ad a number of times in the past few days, aired during local news.

It’s beyond stupid.

Why would a mom, acting so concerned for her children, so outraged on their behalf, buy soda for her kids at all? If she really cared about them, about providing for them, encouraging their health, she would not buy soda. Anybody with a functioning brain, who is not in denial, knows that such sugary drinks equate to fat and are directly related to childhood obesity.

Moreover, why would any group pay to create such a ridiculous ad, and write such an incensed script for it? Are people really this outraged over pennies? Idiots addicted to soda will still buy it no matter what. It’s just like cigarettes. They’ve taxed the hell out of those and people still buy them.

And another thing, of course people who are offended by soda tax would put their bottle in a plastic carrier bag. Doesn’t that just figure?


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