Go VS Say

You might say I’m a bit of a grammar snob.

Something that particularly annoys me, okay, severely annoys me, is when people replace the word ‘say’ in a sentence with ‘go’, often when telling a story. Example:

So I go, “No way!

Tonight I had the misfortune of hearing an elder of mine repeatedly make this grammatical mistake, which led me to remember a great scene in an episode of Charles in Charge. Yes, that 80s sitcom with Scott Baio.

Charles himself was reprimanding one of his charges, most likely, correcting he or she (the memory is fuzzy) when the kid used go instead of say. Charles’ logic in making his point? “You don’t say to the bathroom!’

This has stuck in my brain for years. I wish I could find a clip of it, but after a preliminary, half-hearted search, I came up empty-handed.


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