Team Roisin Murphy

There should be no question regarding Roisin Murphy’s superiority over the flash-in-the-pan known as Lady Gaga.

Gaga, hardly a woman never mind a lady, is boring in how desperately she clings to shock factor with gore and sex. Roisin Murphy actually has vocal abilities, and style that has garnered her praise for years, even during her time with Moloko.

Murphy, in the ensemble she wore to sing for a Viktor and Rolf fashion show.

Gaga likes to add depth to her ‘persona’ by adopting a fake accent and carrying around a teacup. Murphy is truly Irish, with a lovely accent, and doesn’t need to rely on props to be interesting.

I could go on and on, but rather than read any more of my words, do yourself a favor and listen to Roisin Murphy’s work.  She’ll have a new album out soon, and she’s just given us a taste with the single ‘Orally Fixated.’ It’s not quite what you think. She’s pregnant and it’s more about her tendencies carrying a child.

and for good measure:


2 thoughts on “Team Roisin Murphy

  1. I just realized that all of my favorite dance routines on so you think you can dance have all had songs by her…I LOVE THAT SHOW!

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