Is This a Joke?

I’m just perusing the October issue of Spin (I only just received it, as part of this magazine sharing program I have with one of the coolest guys I know – my dad) and I’m only a few pages in and I’m already severely annoyed. Lately Spin is good for little else.

There is an ad for Dickies clothing that features a rather rotund young fellow, with dark, thick-rimmed glasses and a goatee.

What is the problem, you ask?

This ad strikes me as irritating because it demonstrates how it is apparently ‘okay’ for a fat guy to be in an ad, for clothing nonetheless, but we rarely if ever see an ad featuring a woman bigger than a size 0. Though I am not plus-sized, this still annoys me, and it should annoy anyone with an ethical conscience.

Searching for some sort of explanation, I scoured the page, looking for fine print to indicate that this dude is some sort of musician, or famous tattoo artist – something! Alas, no further information.

But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since Spin has basically decided to target the demographic of fratboy. At least they don’t get my money.


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