The Brilliance of Lorna Simpson


Today these amazing pieces entered my radar. As a fan of Jenny Holzer, and Barbara Kruger, it’s probably no surprise that this work by Lorna Simpson would strike me. I love Simpson’s usage of vocabulary and language, playing with words and their multiple meanings, and really their interpretation. Mostly I love how these words are paired with simple yet striking imagery. The clean design, and straightforwardness lends to the universality of her messages. Plus I love the disjointed nature of her work – the separate frames contributing to the same image. I’ve actually done that with my work in the past.

I’m really kicking myself for not being aware of Simpson earlier, especially since she had a major show at the Whitney in 2007. Though in my defense I spent the latter half of that year abroad! I have a feeling that her works are even more impressive in person – and actually, if you are intrigued by what you see here, do yourself a favor and click on these pictures to see larger versions. Or better yet visit her website for a complete gallery.

You're Fine



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