With vintage specs.

Finally, I have a turban. Wait, wait, don’t get weirded out (for all of my friends not in touch with fashion). I haven’t ventured into a new religion, rather a new way to hide bad hair days (hide misery = cache-misère). I’m not sure I can pinpoint what inspired this insatiable desire to obtain a turban. But in my mind, when I think of these hats, I think of chic women of the mid-20th century, lounging by a pool, wearing drapey outfits. However, sadly, such a photo eludes me.

Exhibit A

I can’t believe that chic turbans are so hard to find! I guess these days the average consumer values Turbi-Twists more than unique millinery. While inquiring about turbans in a vintage accessory shop in Manhattan a few weeks ago, a gal around my age walked in wearing one, so I know there are other people attempting to revive this trend. I asked her where she got hers, and wouldn’t you know she was from Australia. Not helpful!

Exhibit B

They were popular in the 40s and 50s, especially when stars like Carmen Miranda (think Chiquita banana), and Greta Garbo donned them.

Great pastiche by Swing Fashionista.

Even now, several designer lines for 2010 have included turbans, as one of my favorite sites,  Refinery29, pointed out in June. In the real world, apparently those suffering from cancer are the most prominent group wearing turbans these days, outside of religious groups. It didn’t sit too well with me to buy the ones on eBay marketed towards the ill.

Exhibit C
A dolly turban!

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