Everybody Will Hurt… When They Hear This AWFUL Cover

Is nothing sacred? The ‘Everybody Hurts’ fame-drenched remake just debuted on Radio One. This REM classic used to mean something (I think…) . Now it’s being bandied about as if it’s a trend like a crossbred puppy or ‘going green’. Was Michael Stipe bullied into letting this happen? Maybe his pal Gwenny Paltrow talked him into it (gag).

At least the ‘We Are the World’ remake is based on what it blatantly is, and always was – a chance for the famous to convince us just how much they care about p.r. human suffering. This REM massacre is a pitiful attempt to be anything like the great American classic (I’ll stop myself before I get lost in another anti-English tirade). Furthermore, Simon Cowell is no Quincy Jones (or Bob Geldof for that matter).

Instead of gathering around in a studio why don’t any of these ‘stars’ do something more meaningful – such as adopt some kids like Jolie and Pitt or build a school a la Oprah? I guess that would be too great a commitment.

If you are feeling particularly masochistic:

I must admit though, I am looking forward to video of this recording session.


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