Coco Before Chanel or Lessons in Stepping on Men to Get What You Want (Why Not, When All They Do is Step on Us)


I grabbed this film on a whim, figuring I’d better finally see it if I consider myself to be any sort of person knowledgeable in fashion. I didn’t expect to be so transported. Tautou is divine, as always, especially in her careful portrayal of this exemplary woman, Gabrielle Chanel, who never sacrificed her gifts for the myriad of male morons who tried to distract her. I could watch this again and again, and wish that they had fleshed out her successful years instead of bypassing them, though I can understand the choices made in focusing on her start and her love story. What else could propel a woman to greatness, after all? (SENSE THE SARCASM.)

As soon as this guy enters the screen, you know she is in trouble. I mean look at him. Look at that impeccable mustache. This is Alessandro Nivola, and I don’t know how he has yet to enter my life (though most of his ‘normal’ pictures are not nearly as enticing as his look in this film). AND I cannot fathom how this creature is from Boston. Makes me reconsider Beantown all together. Sadly he is married to Emily Mortimer.

I have a J. Peterman shirt just like this (thrifted!), and shall henceforth wear it with a newfound pride.


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