Kvetching, with Goldie*

judyanne copy

I don’t know about this. I love Judy Garland. Adore her.

Anne Hathaway, on the other hand? eh take her or leave her. Granted she can sing (did you see the 2009 Oscars?), and she is a pale brunette, but I’m not so sure she can tackle the amazing character of Garland. Hathaway is slated to portray Garland on Broadway, in Get Happy: The Life of Judy Garland. I would be interested enough to actually buy tickets and see for myself though. As a diehard Judy fan (no matter what you say about her!), I have a hard time accepting “little miss princess diary,” who doesn’t seem to know what opaque fabric is, much less a bra. Hopefully in her research for this role she’ll learn a thing or two about carrying herself as a proper lady!

*Kvetching with Goldie will be a new series on The Girl Can’t Help It, channeling the elderly woman that seems to possess my soul.


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