Glamour, Darling

This is a bit late, but I just have to put my two cents in about the 2010 Emmys fashion. Overall it was pretty much a snoozer, though Jimmy Fallon was adorable, especially in the opening number/ode to Bruce Springsteen. I’m so glad he got his own show after SNL. He’s such a versatile comedian, and seems pretty down-to-earth to boot.

More Jimmy later. Fashion now!

Kristen Wiig brought it. Seriously. I love how she went with a print, in a classic palette, with fun embellishments. It really stood out amid the sea of shiny gem tones and neutrals. Anyone know who the designer of this gown is? Most blogs haven’t labeled it.

Likewise with Tina Fey’s choice. Bold, smart, unexpected. This gorgeous Oscar De La Renta number couldn’t be pulled off by just anyone.

Jenna Fischer in another unknown. Love the color here – between a coral and a strawberry sorbet perhaps? And the kicker is the tetris like adornment on the bodice. Her hair looked great too. It can’t be easy to pull off loose locks, especially for a red carpet on a hot day in L.A.

I don’t know about the texture, but I adore the color of this Monique Lhuillier on Kyra Sedgwick. The cut of the bodice and the body of the skirt is just perfect. I wish I had hair like hers… and she makes it all look so effortless!

Lastly, I rather begrudgingly include Claire Danes. This Giorgio Armani Prive just struck the little girl in me. It might not have looked comfortable, seeming like a jewel-encrusted body glove, but the way it shimmered and fit so well, made it a favorite. And I have trouble giving the girl credit for it because she has Hugh Dancy to call a husband and has made out with Jared Leto. Let’s get real here. Oh, and she seems to think she’s British now, because of Hugh, and she hawks that weird eyelash wonder ‘medicine’ Latisse. That is weird.

And, as promised, more Jimmy! As if Springsteen isn’t appealing enough, you can imagine what a Fallon impression of him does to me. In case you missed it (you fool!):

Tina and Jimmy together again?! Made me miss them on Weekend Update. And I could watch John Hamm ‘back that mother up’ all day. And night.


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