Goodbye Old Friend

There she was, in all her glory. These photos were taken when I was on the search for my first car. I didn’t care much about auto aesthetics, much as I don’t really care now. I didn’t have any particular strong feelings for this car when it became mine, but it definitely became my partner in crime throughout the past seven years.

This relic brought me freedom in high school, transported me to various jobs during college, and saw more than one romance. Countless trips back and forth between my college and my hometown. Adventures North, South, East and West of Connecticut, with friends from many different countries. Everyone who had the privilege to go for a spin in my car surely has a fun memory attached. Meaghan, probably more than others…

A dramatic reinterpretation by Meaghan.

Even as recently as a few months ago, I have had people stop to admire the condition of this 1991 Camry. The exterior, and the interior. One woman even insisted on giving me her contact information so I could call her if I ever decided to sell it. (I think seeing my car opened a fold in her brain containing an old memory of an occurrence, possibly in the backseat of another Camry long, long ago. She was that enthusiastic.)

View from the window of my childhood room. My car suffered a lot of abuse on this street. Think breakfast protein.

I did my best writing in the driver’s seat, before work every morning. (Don’t ask, I’m funny about environment when I write.)

I was always the one in the driver's seat of this car.

Sure, it cost me a pretty penny here and there throughout the years, it leaked oil and made unpleasant noises, but I would not have traded this car in for anything else. It served me well for seven years. It was a more constant and loyal companion than most people that have been in my life. Make of that what you will.


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