For the home of my dreams…


Pencil salt and pepper shakers by Frank Kerdil. Via Design Milk.


Emmanuelle Moureaux shibafu table. Via 2Modern.


D.I.Y. Ikea brilliance by Charles Crawford. Via Design Milk.

Hidden animal teacups by Ange-line Tetrault. Via the sub-studio design blog.

Another animal cup, designed by Gijs Bakker. Via Poppytalk.

Col-Letto bed by Lago. Via Design Milk.

Paperclip radiators by Scirocco Prodotti. Via Poppytalk.

This one practically deserves it’s own blog post entirely.

Chris Ruhe makes cabinets out of old doors.

I would live inside this cabinet if I could. Via Picdit.


A pixel rug by Tufted, a Portugese brand under the Piodão Group. Via Design Milk.


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