Ladies and Gentlemen, I have met:

She is my new idol.

Maybe she will be a positive enough influence to get me to stop being so ‘judgy’…

but what would be the fun in that, eh Meaghan?

Terminal 5 was not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Sure it could be better, but if you’re smart, and find yourself a good viewing post for the height-challenged, and pick a show in which 95% of the crowd is pleasant-smelling, polite gay men, you will enjoy your time. And you will dance with reckless abandon and get compliments from boys with pretty pretty faces.

And by the way, Robyn liked my sweater – my Christian Joy ‘Private’ sweater (that I like to believe Karen O once wore). We are soul sisters. Sadly there is no photographic evidence of this cataclysmic meeting of greatness, for the staff protecting Robyn meant business, and I did not want to be shooed away.

WAY better pictures can be found on Brooklyn Vegan, and here is a video which I would like to share in the meager attempt of convincing you of the raw power of this powerful. singing. dancing Swedish machine:


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