Pretty good start for the year.

I started a new toothbrush (it’s the small joys in life, people)…

The pink one in the middle.

I applied for a new credit card with a 0% apr balance transfer rate

(a truly adult thing to be excited about)…

and I started another new job at a indie cinema/art space.


Ryan Gosling was in my dream last night.

We were on a school bus. He was wearing plaid and

had a pretty good beard for a bizarro world teenage

version of himself (as his current self).

At least I think we were in high school, why the hell else would

we be on a bus with those awful bench seats upholstered in faux leather?

Actually it seemed like some sort of retro bus,

possibly with interior wood paneling.

I blame this sweet amalgamation on two things:

my excitement for Blue Valentine,

and this  vintage bus recently put on the circuit briefly,

for old time’s sake, in New York City:

Reminds me of the transport museum in Glasgow.

Happy New Year!


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