The Most Forced Awards Show of the Season! (AKA the Golden Globes 2011)

Most unfortunately, I only caught about the last hour of the Globes last night, but then again I suppose I didn’t miss much considering how the media is beating every minute detail like a dead horse. Of course the best part of these shows is the fashion! This year I don’t know what the glitterati was thinking. If I had wealth and connections to designers, I would rock avant garde creations, not conservative boring gowns like Angelina and so many others. I’d have to say that Kyra Sedgwick wore my favorite dress, a canary gown by Emilio Pucci:

Flattering cut and gorgeous hue.

Kyra has totally won my favor since I saw Singles.

I was really more impressed with men’s fashion this year, and the velvet that ran rampant!!!

I didn’t think Ryan Gosling could be any more delicious, until I saw him clad in velvet:

Yes, he warrants two pictures. Uh! Thank you Salvatore Ferragamo (suit) and Hugo Boss (bow tie).

Speaking of velvet, this other dude, Ryan Kwanten, who is apparently on True Blood, wore a very nice velvet bow tie in crimson:

I’d be remiss not to include Jake:

Let’s just take a moment to admire the beard…

Jake wore Burberry and his ex Jenny Lewis was his date, which is causing quite a stir.

I’d rather it be Jenny than that gawky little Taylor Swift any day, though I am certain that was just for publicity.

I was a little disappointed in Michelle Williams’ choice of frock:

Valentino daisies… okay I can see the fun factor here, but really?

For me, formal wear and daisies don’t really marry well.

Still, I love her pixie cut.

I hate to knock Michelle though, especially when she was

robbed of the Globe thanks to Natalie Portman, who just needs to go away already.

I also think that Darren Aronofsky was robbed in the category of

Best Director, if only for his far superior facial hair.

Otherwise, I can’t wait for the day when it’s revealed that

Justin Bieber is actually female.

He reminds me of Ellen. Just sayin’.

I’m also waiting for the day when Johnny Depp decides to try another look.

I don’t think the boho thing is working for him anymore.


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