I would like to tell you everything.

I really struck gold during my last library visit (love your public library!). Not only did I stumble upon Twelve By Twelve by  William Powers, and the new John Waters’ book Role Models, but I also found this amazing book by Maira Kalman.

The illustrations immediately drew my attention, especially the way in which she incorporates text in her graphics, which is probably a base appeal to admit, I realize.

But look!

Kalman delivers bits of history with charming paintings and photographs, sprinkled with her lovely sense of humor. She doesn’t limit herself to any one medium. There are also a few bits of embroidery.

I think this would be a nice touch in a dining room.

Her portraits of historical figures are funny too.

Why oh why did the ruff collar ever go out of vogue?

Kalman traveled all over the United States to research and gain inspiration for this work. I love the balance she strikes in including a lot of material from historical American spots and New York City.

I really think we’re kindred spirits.

This video alone has me at her feet.

AND look at this clock she designed:

Watch a great interview with Kalman on the Colbert Report here, and be sure to visit her website for more!


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