Two jobs down, one more to go. Tonight is going to be especially difficult, my last night at my favorite job, but I have to focus. I’m leaving for Paris on Tuesday! I should be excited and focused on my upcoming adventures, not on what I am (sort of) leaving behind (it’s not like I’m disappearing forever). It’s just my nature I guess.

It’s funny how people will suddenly tell you how they feel about you when you’re parting. Why can’t people just be forthright while there is still time? Maybe I should start telling people I’m leaving when I’m really not, just to get at some damn truth. Not only that but I wish I didn’t have a knack for only ever meeting someone who truly excites me when my plans are changing.

Anyways, this space will be quieter than usual, as I hop all over France and Belgium. Paris, Reims, Le Havre, Honfleur, Rouen, Brussels, Bruge and Marseille. 21 days.

Here’s hoping I can figure out my next step on this trip, that bed bugs do not make any appearances, and that nothing like what happened in the movie Taken goes down. And that someone doesn’t forget about me, most importantly.

Here’s a nice song that I’d probably listen to and weep to on the plane if I were bringing my iPod. (drama!)

and this song because it’s just so good:


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