the thing is, you’re just in the middle of the beginning

I saw The Future today! Rather than wait for it to reach the local crap cinemas in my area, I opted to see it somewhere nice – the IFC in Manhattan.

“traditionally, people either tell the truth or lie”


I knew that it would be a bit of a downer, which in no way would normally deter me, but it really left me quite crestfallen. I won’t get into particulars, for anyone who has yet to see it and intends to, but then again you don’t have to read this if you don’t want anything ‘ruined’ for you.

The Future is basically about a couple in their 30s – a nice couple – a couple (which seems like a concept utterly lost these days) who are on the cusp of either spending their lives together or… not.

“…loose change… not quite enough to get what you want.”

I didn’t quite anticipate the unraveling of their relationship happening the way it did. It made me hate Miranda July’s character Sophie, but then again, I think I am biased due to my unabashed love for Mr. Hamish Linklater, who portrays Jason.

A man who can wear a bunny shirt! And I bet he's a great dad.

 If Linklater doesn’t get at least an Independent Spirit Award for his devastating portrayal of a brokenhearted man, there is absolutely no reason for such awards.

I walked away from the cinema in a bit of a daze. I mean, you’re reading the words of a gal who has already lost any iota of faith in relationships as it is, so it probably wasn’t so beneficial for me to watch something so heavy. However, I will say that the switcheroo of having the male in the position of ‘dumpee,’ was somewhat refreshing, and made me reconsider the possibility of there actually being a man out there who feels more with his heart than his schlong.

It’s probably unrealistic, but I liked how Jason’s character was happy to spend time with his elderly friend, and how it brought him such great contentment to realize that he could be on the same path with Sophie that his friend was years ago with his wife. Of course, Sophie was no where near being on the same wavelength.

This girl would happily jump into the movie screen like Cecilia in The Purple Rose of Cairo, and take Sophie’s place in Jason’s apartment. He reads! He cares about nature! Look at that hair! And he cut to the core of love agony when he told Sophie, upon her pathetic return, that there was Nothing there for her. Perfectly executed.

There were a lot of manic-pixie elements that I’m sure the average hipster will gush over (dancing! cat feet! a t-shirt as a security blanket!), but The Future should really be prized for it’s accurate portrayal of pain. Pain that cannot be understood until it is experienced. Pain that cannot possibly be comprehended by people for whom the word cute is secondhand nature.

Coincidentally, I heard a really fitting snippet of conversation on the street today: “How can you deny that heartbreak every two blocks?”


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