Active Resistance

These barricades can only hold for so long
Her world collapsed early Sunday morning
She took the child held tight
Opened the window
A breath, this song, how long
And knew, knew: belong

why’d you have to be so cute 
it’s impossible to ignore you
why must you make me laugh so much
it’s bad enough we get along so well

fool me with a kiss of kidsmoke
from a microscopic home
it’s good to be alone

Sometimes I think Bono has ruined me for any other man. Hot damn.

I do doubt that anyone who comes across this will actually watch or listen to all of this, and I further doubt that they will ponder why I would string these together.

Maybe all you need to know is that it felt right to a girl who is searching for where she belongs, and who she might belong with. A girl who is usually only consolable through music.



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