Bish pleaze.

So today is something that my country considers, generally, to be a holiday. I don’t get it, personally. Sure it’s nice to contemplate what one is grateful for (not that that’s the focus of most people today), but really I don’t see the need to slaughter countless innocent turkeys or gorge on food (likely more the focus of most).

Even worse of course is the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, where people feel it necessary to run out and empty their wallets. F that. For me that day is an important holiday known as BUY NOTHING DAY.

We vote with our wallets. Why should we rush out and contribute anything to this FIRE  (Finance, insurance, real estate) economy? Why not use the day to tap into your creativity, or do good for others (if you don’t have to work (if you’re unemployed like too many people, sorry, but you should appreciate this anti-commercial rant most)?

It’s just another Thursday to me. I plan on doing laundry and watching some movies, enjoying the quiet of my apartment while I can. THAT is something for which I am truly grateful. Oh, and the upcoming move I have next week. Bye bye Brooklyn!

And I’m grateful for Bjork lately. Sometimes I just ask myself, what would Bjork do? Try it.


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