I feel compelled to head West. Midwest actually.

1. I’ve just fallen in love with Buster Keaton, and upon further research learned that he was born in Kansas.

2. My heroine, Osa Johnson, whom I just read another book about, is the basis, along with her husband Martin, of a museum in Chanute, Kansas.

3. The Wizard of Oz and my girl Judy. Duh.

4. Paul motherf*n Rudd is from Kansas. If there are more men like him there, the women there have probably been keeping them secret.

I am going to start planning a road trip.


2 thoughts on “Kansas?

  1. Funny. I was just thinking that I might want to go to Kansas or Oklahoma but it’s not because of Buster Keaton. They have the cheapest rents in the nation even if they do have a lot of tornados. Just don’t be there between March and June.

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