2012 New York International Gift Fair

This year I jumped at the opportunity to attend the NY gift show. My colleagues groaned for all of the walking it entails, but I like a challenge.

While I knew it would be a great chance to check out innovative and fun designs, I didn’t think I’d find nearly so many vegan and earth friendly companies!

I was delighted to peruse the booth of Green Tree Jewelry! A family company from San Diego, they create unique earrings out of renewable resources. Plus, Green Tree Jewelry is all made in America! It didn’t hurt that their salesman was really cute.

There were several vegan soap vendors. The woman in the Lotus Love Beauty booth was super kind and generous. She gave me two samples of their quite fragrant soaps – a verbana coconut, and Ananda:bliss.

I wish you could smell these!

She encouraged me to discover my favorite scents and then carefully selected the generous samples. Her company is based in San Diego too, and they donate a portion of their proceeds to The Shanti Project.

A little closer to home is the Metropolis Soap Co. based in Brooklyn. Though not as generous as Lotus Love Beauty, they did give me a bit of a sample of their Rosemary and Spearmint vegan soap. Certified cruelty-free by PETA, Metropolis does not test on animals, and even avoids the use of palm oil, the deforestation of which kills animals like orangutans.

I was glad to see Dynomighty there as well. I’ve had a Dynomighty wallet for almost a year now and I love it. This Brooklyn company has a ton of new styles to choose from.

Michael Roger of Decomposition Books was also there! Love, love this conscious spin on a classic design! (Also based in Brooklyn!)

It was so encouraging to see several forward-thinking companies!


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