Year of the Dog

On a whim, I just watched Year of the Dog with Molly Shannon (it’s on Netflix instant!). I expected it to just be a quirky indie comedy about a woman and her pet. I was immensely surprised that it turned into a story about veganism and animal rights.

It’s easy, as a vegan and advocate of animal rights, to be made to feel crazy by seemingly everyone. Everyday is a challenge – answering people’s ignorant questions about your lifestyle, making animal-friendly selections in terms of not just food, but also clothing, health products – everything!

Molly Shannon’s character Peggy seems like an alien at work, amid her brother and his family – even in her own house. At several points I felt like I could’ve written this screenplay. Actually, Mike White  did, the same guy that’s us the likes of School of Rock Orange County, and The Good Girl. And he’s vegan!!!

Someday I hope to have several pets. Though hopefully I don’t end up exactly like Peggy.


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