The Way You Wear Your Hat

Above all other accessories, yes even vintage earrings, I love hats. Today I finally made it over to the Bard Graduate Center to see Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones. I can hardly do justice to the amount of inspiration I felt upon seeing such a diverse array of millinery, and in such a beautiful setting. I almost didn’t know where to look first!

The piece that greets you on the banister.
Philip Treacy feather hat 1995

There were many Philip Treacy hats, amid other modern designers, and even hats from the twelfth-century – like an Egyptian fez. I found a leather court jester’s hat to be particularly fascinating.

However my absolute two favorite pieces were these:

Thankfully someone over at abc news (ugh) captured a decent shot of these beauties. The pompom hat was worn by Bjork in 2007. The  other is a Piers Atkinson hat made of hair strands, giant rollers, hair clips and hair pins.

Wash and Go by Stephen Jones

I was also so happy to see the Halston bunny ears worn by Candace Bergen to Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball in 1966!

Lastly, I found it incredibly generous of Stephen Jones to offer an intimate look via a recreation of his atelier. It made me verklempt. I wanted to move into this space. The creative clutter, the cozy lighting… there was just something soothing and sacred about it. Someday I hope I am privileged enough to have a workspace of my own where I am comfortable to create.

I’ll definitely be visiting this show again before it closes on April 15th.


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