I Met Maira!

Today I totally geeked out at my wonderful job, thanks to the visit of one Maira Kalman.

She was very kind in indulging my fangirl ways. It’s almost amazing how such bold and whimsical illustrations can come from the woman that I met, who was so reserved and calm.

She personalized two books for me, one adult – And the Pursuit of Happiness, and one child, her latest book which she read in the historical society today – Looking at Lincoln.

Last year I was fortunate enough to catch her exhibit at The Jewish Museum here in the city. It was a wonderland of Maira’s work. Today I told her that I would have gladly lived in that exhibit, and she very modestly said that “they” did a great job putting it together.

I hope that I can achieve even a fraction of her creative output in my life. On her way out of the shop today, she made a point of saying goodbye to me, and she even remembered my name. I love Maira Kalman.


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