I’m one of those people who has the TV on in the background, for “ambience” when given the chance. Lately some stupid car commercial has caught my attention for a really great song that plays in it. Tonight I finally googled it, and lo and behold, it’s a song that is actually blowing up the charts, as the kids say.

As soon as I saw the lead guy in this band, I knew I’d seen him before. Upon further googling, I discovered that he is Nate Ruess, formerly of The Format, another act that had a killer earworm called The Compromise, which I remember fondly from college days (though I could have sworn there was another version of this video – with the band on a stage and things falling apart… am I imagining this?) Found it. 

I’m glad Ruess is finally getting the attention his talent deserves. I never did get to catch The Format live (I don’t think… damn I’m getting old), but I did see and review Anathallo, the former band of another Fun. member Andrew Dost. They blew me away, opening for Manchester Orchestra in Glasgow. In fact, I likened them to: “Pop Rocks in the cavern of a mouth“. I know, I know. How I am not an award-winning writer by now is beyond me.

And they’ve already sold out two dates at Terminal 5 for June?!


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